Snap Ring

About this product

The Snap Ring (#90520-99158), a primary Drive-Chassis component in Toyota's Brake Band & Multiple Disc Clutch (Automatic Transmission) system, is paramount for maintaining the stability and function of transmission elements. The Snap Ring (#90520-99158) serves the crucial role of securing the different components in place, preventing them from dislodging during operation. When genuine Toyota parts are deployed, they offer compatibility with the vehicle and are exclusively covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Over time, a Snap Ring (#90520-99158) may wear out or break, becoming less effective. This can lead to components slipping out of their designated positions, resulting in degraded transmission performance, or in severe cases, total transmission failure. As such, the Snap Ring (#90520-99158) is indispensable for the overall efficiency and safety of the transmission system. Its regular replacement can avert critical mechanical issues, securing the longevity of the vehicle's transmission system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90520-99158

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