Space Ring

About this product

The Space Ring (#27212-39050) is a crucial engine-fuel part within Toyota's Alternator system. This part plays a pivotal role in maintaining the smooth function of the engine, helping to regulate and control the flow of fuel in the system. As part of the Alternator system, it interacts with other components to contribute to efficient energy conversion and overall engine performance. Periodic replacement of the Space Ring (#27212-39050) is essential. Should it become aged, clogged, or broken, it can disrupt the fuel supply, negatively impacting the engine's performance and efficiency. Furthermore, a malfunctioning Space Ring (#27212-39050) poses a risk of engine failure, a situation that could lead to costly repairs or replacements. Toyota's genuine parts, such as the Space Ring (#27212-39050), not only facilitate vehicle compatibility but are also backed by the manufacturer's genuine parts warranty. This part plays a significant part in ensuring the system's efficiency and safety, reinforcing Toyota's commitment to delivering robust and reliable vehicles.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 27212-39075
Part Number 27212-39050

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