Hood Support Rod

About this product

The Hood Support Rod (#53451-14070), a crucial component in Toyota's Hood Lock & Hinge system, serves the primary role of keeping the hood open while performing inspections or repairs under the hood. Operating in cohesion with other parts of the hood assembly, the rod functions as a lever, creating a safe and stable workspace under the hood. As the support rod ages or gets damaged, it can fail to hold the hood securely, posing a risk of the hood falling unexpectedly. This can cause potential injury to people and damage to the vehicle. Therefore, periodic replacement of this vital part is necessary. Being a genuine Toyota part, the Hood Support Rod (#53451-14070) is designed to be fully compatible with your vehicle, enhancing its efficiency and safety. Plus, genuine parts come with the added advantage of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This Rod contributes significantly to the overall safety and functionality of your vehicle's Hood Lock & Hinge system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 53451-14070

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