Rod #7 Crossmember Exhaust Pipe Hngr

About this product

The Rod #7 Crossmember Exhaust Pipe Hngr (#51387-0C010), a crucial Body part in the Frame system, plays a significant role in maintaining and securing the exhaust pipe beneath your Toyota vehicle. This part is integral to the correct alignment and stabilization of the exhaust system, preventing unnecessary vibrations and movement whilst driving. Genuine parts, like this, provide excellent vehicle compatibility and are backed by Toyota's authentic parts warranty. As the part ages or if it gets damaged, it could result in a misaligned exhaust pipe causing potential damage to the system and impairing vehicle performance. Consequently, it's recommended that this part is checked and replaced periodically. By effectively securing the exhaust system, the Rod #7 Crossmember Exhaust Pipe Hngr (#51387-0C010) contributes to the overall efficiency and safety of your Toyota vehicle, making it an essential maintenance consideration.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 51387-0C010

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