Roof Rack - Double Cab

The Importance of Using Toyota Roof Rack - Double Cab Genuine Parts

Mounts directly to the roof rails to help you carry additional cargo and also provides additional secure tie-down points for a variety of roof rack accessories.

  • Stowable cross bars unfold to a locked position for use and can be stowed in line with the roof rails when not in use
  • Low-profile roof rack installs with ease on factory roof rail channels
  • Can be easily adjusted with no tools necessary
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) PT278-35140;PT278-35140;PT278-35130;PT278-35130;PT278-35130;PT278-35140;PT278-35140;PT278-35130;PT278-35140;PT278-35140;PT278-35140;PT278-35130;PT278-35140;PT278-35140;PT278-35140;PT278-35140;PT278-35140;PT278-35140;PT278-35130;PT278-35140;PT278-35130;PT278-35130;PT278-35130;PT278-35130;PT278-35130;PT278-35130;PT278-35130;PT278-35130;PT278-35130;PT278-35130;PT278-35140;PT278-35140 More
Part Number PT278-35170
STYLE Stowaway


Do not overload your vehicle. See Owner’s Manual for weight limits and restrictions. Applicable only with a D-cab Tacoma.

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