Transfer Oil Pump Driven Rotor

About this product

The Transfer Oil Pump Driven Rotor (#36186-60010), a Drive-Chassis part in the Transfer Case & Extension Housing system, plays a critical role in your Toyota vehicle. This part is responsible for maintaining a steady flow of oil through the transfer case, ensuring optimal lubrication for the interconnected gears under operation. As the driven rotor gets older, it can become prone to wear and tear, potentially leading to inefficient oil transfer, causing mechanical problems. Thus, regular replacement of this part is essential with genuine Toyota parts, which are known for their compatibility with your vehicle and are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In essence, a robust and well-maintained Transfer Oil Pump Driven Rotor (#36186-60010) contributes significantly to the long-term efficiency and safety of your vehicle's drive system. The proper functioning of this part helps avoid excessive heat and wear, thereby prolonging the life of your vehicle's critical components.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 36186-60010

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