Wiper Insert Rubber

About this product

The Wiper Insert Rubber (#85214-0C012), a significant electrical component within Toyota's Windshield Wiper system, plays a vital role in optimizing your vehicle's performance. This component is responsible for making direct contact with the windshield, clearing it of debris and water for improved visibility. Inside the system, the Wiper Insert Rubber (#85214-0C012) works in conjunction with the wiper blade to remove obstructions from the windshield. Over time, these inserts can degrade, get old, or get clogged, leading to ineffective wiping and thereby hampering visibility. Regular replacement of these components is crucial to maintain the overall performance and safety of the Windshield Wiper system. Genuine Toyota Wiper Insert Rubber (#85214-0C012) not only ensures better compatibility with your vehicle but also is supported by Toyota's authentic part warranty. In essence, the Wiper Insert Rubber (#85214-0C012) contributes significantly towards ensuring a safe and efficient driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 85214-0C011;85214-AA050;85214-AA070;85214-AA110;85214-0C010
Part Number 85214-0C012

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