Hexalobular Screw

About this product

The Hexalobular Screw (#90148-50006), a crucial component in Toyota Autoparts' Body Front Door Lock & Handle and Body Rear Door Lock & Handle systems, is integral to the operation of these mechanisms. As the primary fastener, it secures the lock and handle system, allowing it to function optimally. Genuine Toyota parts, including this screw, are designed for perfect compatibility with your Toyota vehicle and receive the support of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. However, like any mechanical component, the Hexalobular Screw (#90148-50006) can wear out over time. If neglected, a worn or broken screw can compromise the door lock system, leading to potential security risks or functional issues. Regular replacement of this screw is therefore recommended to maintain the overall safety and efficiency of the door lock systems. By doing so, you can uphold the reliability of your Toyota vehicle's operation and longevity.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90148-50006

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