Pan Tapping Screw

About this product

The Pan Tapping Screw (#90080-16089), a crucial part of Toyota's Inside Trim Board & Door Opening Trim Moulding system, plays a vital role in maintaining the firmness and security of the interior trim and door mouldings. It functions by securing these components to the vehicle's body, keeping them in place during operation. This screw, like all genuine Toyota parts, is compatible with the vehicle and supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. With time, screws can wear out and become less effective, potentially leading to loose or rattling trim and mouldings. This not only impacts the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle but also poses a safety risk as loose parts can cause distractions while driving. By ensuring that the Pan Tapping Screw (#90080-16089) is replaced as part of regular vehicle maintenance, the overall safety and efficiency of the vehicle are upheld.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 62510-16570-01;62510-16570-04;62510-16570-22;62510-16570-W4;62510-16580-01;62510-16580-04;62510-16580-22;62510-16580-W4;62510-16620-01;62510-16620-04;62510-16620-22;62510-16620-W4;62520-16520-22;62520-16520-W4;62520-16530-22;62520-16530-W4;62520-16540-01;62520-16540-04;62520-16550-04;62520-16580-22;62520-16580-W4;62520-16590-01;62520-16590-04;75321-19695;93269-14010;93560-14010 More
Part Number 90080-16089

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