Shoe Adjusting Screw Set

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The Shoe Adjusting Screw Set (#46590-0E040) is a critical component in the Drive-Chassis part of the Parking Brake & Cable system in Toyota vehicles. Its primary role is to adjust the brake shoes to ensure optimal performance of the braking system. It functions by regulating the distance between the brake shoes and the drum, enabling the vehicle to stop promptly and safely when the parking brake is engaged. A worn-out, broken, or non-functional Shoe Adjusting Screw Set (#46590-0E040) can disrupt the brake's functionality, potentially resulting in delayed or inadequate braking. Hence, periodic replacement of this part is crucial. Genuine Toyota parts like the Shoe Adjusting Screw Set (#46590-0E040) are designed for vehicle compatibility, and they are under Toyota's genuine part warranty, offering reliability and peace of mind. In conclusion, the Shoe Adjusting Screw Set (#46590-0E040) contributes to both safety and efficiency, ensuring the parking brake system's proper and smooth operation.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 46590-0E040

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