Vertical Travel Jack Screw #2

About this product

The Vertical Travel Jack Screw #2 (#72495-47010-B2) is a crucial part in the Front Seat & Seat Track system, specifically in Toyota vehicles. This component's primary role is to adjust the height of the front seats for the optimal comfort and safety of the passengers. It operates by rotating to either lift or lower the seat, providing a smooth, controlled travel. Over time, this part can wear down or become damaged, affecting its operational precision. If the Vertical Travel Jack Screw #2 (#72495-47010-B2) becomes non-functional, the seat height adjustment feature could fail, potentially leading to discomfort or compromising safety. Recognizing this, it's important to periodically replace this component with a genuine part to maintain compatibility and performance. Genuine parts, such as the Vertical Travel Jack Screw #2 (#72495-47010-B2), are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, which affirms the quality, safety and longevity of these components. In conclusion, this part plays a vital role in ensuring the comfort and safety provided by Toyota vehicles' seat and seat track systems.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 72495-47010-B2

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