Back Door Hinge Seal

About this product

The Back Door Hinge Seal (#68868-32010), an integral component of Toyota's Body Back Door Lock & Hinge and Body Back Door Panel & Glass systems, performs a critical role by preventing water, dust, and debris from entering the vehicle via the back door hinge. As the back door is opened and closed, the seal maintains a tight closure around the hinge mechanism, protecting it from potential damage. Over time, this seal can deteriorate or get clogged, leading to leaks that may cause rust or corrosion on the hinge, impacting its smooth operation. As such, periodic replacement is necessary for optimal performance and longevity of the hinge. By using genuine Toyota parts, you ensure compatibility and benefit from Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The Back Door Hinge Seal (#68868-32010) is more than just a part; it's a safeguard for your vehicle, contributing significantly to its efficiency and safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 68868-32010

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