Door Dust Proof Seal

About this product

The Door Dust Proof Seal (#67837-F4020), a critical component in Toyota's Body Front Door Panel & Glass and Body Rear Door Panel & Glass systems, is designed to keep dust, debris, and moisture out of the vehicle while maintaining an optimal seal. Genuine Toyota parts offer a fit tailored to each vehicle model, enhancing compatibility and performance. Backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, this dust proof seal operates by creating an air-tight boundary along the door edges. As the vehicle moves, the seal provides resistance against dust and moisture, protecting the interior spaces. With time, it can deteriorate, affecting the seal's integrity and making it prone to water leaks and ingress of dust, adversely impacting the vehicle's interior and comfort. Replacing it periodically helps maintain the vehicle's overall efficiency and safety. In essence, the Door Dust Proof Seal (#67837-F4020) is vital in keeping your Toyota clean, dry, and dust-free. It's a small part with a big job.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 67837-F4020

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