Dust Seal

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As a crucial Drive-Chassis component, the Dust Seal (#90304-31012) forms an integral part of the Front Steering Gear & Link system of Toyota autos. The primary role of the Dust Seal (#90304-31012) is to prevent contaminants such as dust, debris, and moisture from entering the steering mechanism, thus keeping it smooth and efficient. Over time, dust seals are subject to wear and tear and might need to be replaced. A worn-out or non-functional dust seal can allow contaminants to infiltrate the steering system, leading to potential damage and impaired vehicle handling. Choosing genuine Toyota parts like the Dust Seal (#90304-31012) ensures optimal vehicle compatibility and performance. Not to mention, these parts are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In conclusion, the Dust Seal (#90304-31012) is of paramount importance to the overall safety and efficiency of a vehicle's steering system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90304-31012

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