Front Fender To Cowl Side Seal #2 Right Hand

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The Front Fender To Cowl Side Seal #2 Right Hand (#53868-0C020), a component within the Hood & Front Fender system of Toyota vehicles, performs a crucial role in maintaining the vehicle's structural integrity. By effectively sealing the gap between the fender and the cowl side, it protects the internal parts from dust, debris, and water infiltration. This seal, made from resilient materials, is a genuine Toyota part and as such, is fully compatible with your vehicle and backed by Toyota's authentic parts warranty. However, over time, the seal may wear out or become damaged, requiring replacement. A faulty seal may lead to water leakage or dust accumulation in undesired areas, potentially causing internal damage. Therefore, keeping this part in optimal condition is vital for the overall functioning and safety of your car.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 53868-0C020

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