Fuel Injector Seal

About this product

The Fuel Injector Seal (#23255-31020), an integral component in the Fuel Injection System, plays a crucial role in maintaining the efficiency of a Toyota vehicle's engine. As the engine operates, the Fuel Injector Seal (#23255-31020) prevents fuel leaks from the injector, enabling fuel to be precisely delivered to the engine. It's vital to note that genuine Toyota parts are recommended for optimal compatibility and are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Like any other part, the Fuel Injector Seal (#23255-31020) is subject to wear and tear. Over time, the seal may become worn out, or even break. If this happens, the fuel injector can start leaking, leading to reduced engine performance and fuel inefficiency. Replacing the seal periodically is crucial to maintain engine performance and fuel efficiency. In conclusion, the Fuel Injector Seal (#23255-31020) contributes significantly to the overall operation of the Fuel Injection System, ensuring optimal engine performance and fuel efficiency.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 23255-31020

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