Radiator Support Seal Upper

About this product

The Radiator Support Seal Upper (#53292-60140), a vital Body part in the Front Fender Apron & Dash Panel system, plays a primary role in maintaining the efficiency of your Toyota car. Its main function is to provide airtight sealing that prevents the entry of dust, dirt, and harmful elements into your vehicle's radiator system. Constructed with durable materials and designed for a perfect fit, genuine Toyota Radiator Support Seal Upper (#53292-60140)s enhance your vehicle's compatibility and long-term performance. As with all genuine Toyota parts, these seals are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Radiator Support Seal Upper (#53292-60140)s, like other parts, age and need periodic replacement. If the seal becomes old, clogged, or non-functional, unwanted substances may infiltrate the radiator system, causing overheating or other damages. This could compromise the safety and efficiency of your vehicle. In conclusion, the Radiator Support Seal Upper (#53292-60140) plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation and longevity of the Front Fender Apron & Dash Panel system in your Toyota vehicle. Your car deserves the best - always opt for genuine Toyota parts.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 53292-60140

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