Water Pump Seal Set

About this product

The Water Pump Seal Set (#16104-46060), an essential part in the Water Pump system of a car's Engine-Fuel component, works primarily to prevent coolant leakage from the water pump. The seal set is integrated with the water pump, and as the pump forces coolant around the engine, the set ensures that the coolant is contained within the system. As these seals age, they can deteriorate, leading to coolant leaks which can cause engine overheating and subsequent damage. In order to avoid such issues, it is highly recommended to replace the Water Pump Seal Set (#16104-46060) periodically. Genuine Toyota parts are ideal for this purpose, as they offer perfect compatibility with your Toyota vehicle. Plus, Toyota supports their parts with a genuine parts warranty. The Water Pump Seal Set (#16104-46060) is extremely important for the overall efficiency of the cooling system, and by extension, the performance of your vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 16104-46060

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