Type S Oil Seal

About this product

The Type S Oil Seal (#90080-31052), categorised under Drive-Chassis, is an essential component in the Front Steering Gear & Link system. This auto part has a fundamental role in preventing oil leakage, thus maintaining the lubrication necessary for smooth steering operation. The seal operates in high-stress conditions and over time can wear out or become damaged, which can lead to oil leakage. If not replaced in time, a dysfunctional Oil Seal could cause friction in the steering gear, impairing the driver's control and putting safety at risk. Regular replacement of this part with genuine Toyota Autoparts helps maintain compatibility with your vehicle and comes with the support of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The Type S Oil Seal (#90080-31052) ultimately contributes to the overall efficiency and safety of your vehicle's steering system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90080-31052

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