Type T Oil Seal

About this product

The Type T Oil Seal (#90311-34026), a crucial auto part in the Drive-Chassis Front Drive Shaft system and the Drive-Chassis Transmission Case & Oil Pan system, primarily prevents leaks of oil or lubricant in Toyota automatic transmissions. As the system operates, the oil seal seals the gap between the rotating and stationary components, thereby prohibiting the escape of lubricants and keeping the system running smoothly. Over time, the oil seal may wear or get clogged, which could lead to leakages, impacting the transmission's function and leading to potential mechanical damage. Installing genuine Toyota parts like the Type T Oil Seal (#90311-34026) ensures optimal compatibility with your vehicle. Additionally, Toyota backs these parts with their genuine parts warranty. Periodic replacement of the Type T Oil Seal (#90311-34026) is crucial as it directly contributes to the system's efficiency and safety by maintaining proper lubrication levels, preventing mechanical wear, and thus, extending the vehicle's lifespan.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 90311-34010;90311-34013
Part Number 90311-34026

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