Valve Exhaust Seat

About this product

The Valve Exhaust Seat (#11135-15030), a crucial Engine-Fuel part in the Cylinder Head system, functions to seal the exhaust valve surface when closed. This prevents combustion gases from escaping the combustion chamber, thus maintaining optimal engine performance. Genuine Toyota Autoparts assure compatibility with your vehicle and come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. However, with time and usage, the Valve Exhaust Seat (#11135-15030) can wear out. An aged, damaged, or non-functional Valve Exhaust Seat (#11135-15030) can lead to leakage of combustion gases causing performance issues, increased fuel consumption, and potential damage to the cylinder head. By ensuring regular replacement of this critical component, the engine's efficiency is upheld, contributing to overall vehicle performance and safety. Genuine Toyota Valve Exhaust Seat (#11135-15030)s are designed for longevity and optimal functioning, ensuring the sustained health of your Toyota engine.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 11135-15030

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