Inverter Current Sensor Kit

About this product

The Inverter Current Sensor Kit (#04899-33020), a crucial component in Toyota's Electrical Hev Inverter and Hv Inverter systems, monitors and regulates the electric current flowing through the inverter. This kit, comprised of electronic sensors and circuits, produces feedback signals that help manage power distribution and efficiency. Without regular replacement, a worn or damaged Sensor Kit can cause inaccurate readings, possibly leading to inefficient energy use or even risk the integrity of the inverter and related components. Toyota's genuine parts are designed for compatibility with your vehicle, and our genuine parts warranty supports them. A well-maintained Inverter Current Sensor Kit (#04899-33020) not only optimizes your vehicle's energy use, but also safeguards the inverter system's longevity and performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 04899-33020

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