Water Temperature Sensor

About this product

The Water Temperature Sensor (#89422-16010) is a crucial component in the Electrical Electronic Controled Diesel (Ecd) system, the Electrical Electronic Fuel Injection System, and the Electrical Switch & Relay & Computer system in Toyota vehicles. This genuine Toyota autopart identifies the engine coolant's temperature and relays this information to the vehicle's computer systems. It plays an essential role in maintaining the optimal operation of these systems. Over time, the sensor can become worn, damaged, clogged, or even fail entirely, leading to potential engine overheating, performance issues, and a decrease in overall efficiency. To prevent these complications, we recommend periodic replacement of the Water Temperature Sensor (#89422-16010). Remember, by purchasing genuine Toyota parts, you benefit from their compatibility with your vehicle and Toyota's Genuine Parts Warranty. This sensor is pivotal to the overall function of your Toyota vehicle, promoting both system efficiency and safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 19000-21690
Part Number 89422-16010

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