Air Conditioner Servo Assembly

About this product

The Air Conditioner Servo Assembly (#88660-08010), a crucial component in Toyota's Heating & Air Conditioning - Heater Unit & Blower system, is a key electrical part that plays a pivotal role in controlling the climate inside your vehicle. This part essentially regulates the flow of air in response to adjustments made on the vehicle's temperature control system. Over time, wear and tear could cause the Servo Assembly to fail, resulting in an inability to regulate air flow effectively. This could lead to discomfort and potential distractions while driving. Therefore, periodic replacement of this part is necessary. By using genuine Toyota parts, you can achieve optimal compatibility with your vehicle. What's more, these parts come backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. With a well-functioning Air Conditioner Servo Assembly (#88660-08010), you can maintain the comfort and efficiency of your vehicle, contributing to a safer and more pleasant driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 88660-08010

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