Output Shaft

About this product

The Output Shaft (#35771-35040), a critical Drive-Chassis part in the Planetary Gear, Reverse Piston & Counter Gear (Atm) system, plays a integral role in transmitting the engine's torque to the wheels of your Toyota vehicle. It works within the framework of the transmission system, connecting the gearbox to the drive wheels, enabling your vehicle to move smoothly. This part, like all auto parts, has a lifespan. Over time, wear and tear, coupled with the accumulation of debris, can cause the Output Shaft (#35771-35040) to malfunction or fail entirely, disrupting the power transfer and potentially causing significant damage to the vehicle's transmission system. Using genuine Toyota parts not only enhances compatibility with your vehicle but is also backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Replacing your Output Shaft (#35771-35040) at regular intervals is essential to maintain the optimal performance and safety of your vehicle's transmission system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 35771-35040

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