Front Seat Chushion Shield Left Hand

About this product

The Seat Cushion Shield is a pivotal part within the Front Seat & Seat Track system of your Toyota vehicle. It primarily serves as a protective barrier for the seat cushion, deflecting debris and mitigating wear. This shield's role is interlinked with the overall lifespan and comfort of your vehicle's seating. Being a genuine Toyota part, it comes with the added advantage of vehicle compatibility and the genuine parts warranty. However, even these genuine parts require timely replacement. An old or broken Seat Cushion Shield may subject the underlying cushion to undue stress, wear, and potential damage, thereby impacting the comfort and durability of the seat. In essence, this protective component plays a substantial role in maintaining the integrity of the seat cushion, enhancing both your vehicle's value and your driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 71812-33050-A0;71812-33050-B0;71812-33050-E0;71812-33050-E1
Part Number 71812-33050-B1

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