Front Seat Cushion Shield Left Hand

About this product

The Front Seat Cushion Shield Left Hand (#71812-47160-C1), a critical component in Toyota's Front Seat & Seat Track system, plays a protective role. This Body part safeguards the underparts of the seat cushion from potential damage, dirt or debris. During normal operation, the shield bears the brunt of daily wear and tear to maintain the system's integrity. Over time, its effectiveness may diminish due to prolonged exposure and it needs replacement to prevent seat damage or discomfort. Using genuine Toyota parts ensures compatibility and is backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. If the Shield becomes old, broken, or non-functional, it could compromise the seat cushion's protection, leading to premature wear or damage. Hence, maintaining the Front Seat Cushion Shield Left Hand (#71812-47160-C1) is vital for both the efficiency and safety of the seat system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 71812-47160-C0
Part Number 71812-47160-C1
Color_Name BLACK

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