Fan Shroud #2

About this product

The Fan Shroud #2 (#16712-0V010), a vital component of the Radiator & Water Outlet system in Toyota vehicles, plays a crucial role in engine operation. It channels the air flow directly to the radiator, hence enhancing the cooling efficiency of your vehicle during its operation. As part of the engine-fuel system, it works in harmony with other components, such as the radiator fan, ensuring optimal performance. However, the Fan Shroud #2 (#16712-0V010) is susceptible to wear and tear, requiring periodic replacement. A worn, clogged, or damaged shroud can compromise your vehicle's cooling efficiency, potentially leading to engine overheating. Therefore, maintaining a functional Fan Shroud #2 (#16712-0V010) is essential for both the safety and efficiency of your vehicle. Always choose genuine Toyota Autoparts for compatibility and peace of mind. Toyota's genuine parts are backed by a warranty, underlining their quality and reliability. The Fan Shroud #2 (#16712-0V010), just like every other genuine Toyota part, fits seamlessly into its intended system, contributing to the overall performance and longevity of your vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 16712-0V010

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