Sienna Remanufactured Engine Control Module

About this product

The SIENNA Remanufactured Engine Control Module (#89661-08093-84) is an essential component in the Electronic Fuel Injection System. This electrical part governs the engine's fuel injection, regulating the amount of fuel that is delivered to the engine during operation. Its proper functioning is crucial for maintaining optimal fuel efficiency and the smooth running of the engine. As it ages, the Engine Control Module could become less accurate, affecting the vehicle's operation and fuel economy. Thus, it is necessary to periodically replace this part with a genuine Toyota part, which comes with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The SIENNA Remanufactured Engine Control Module (#89661-08093-84) plays a significant role in promoting the vehicle's overall efficiency and safety, making it a vital part of the car's system. Using a genuine Toyota part ensures vehicle compatibility and performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 89661-08090;89661-08091;89661-08092;89661-08093
Part Number 89661-08093-84

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