Front Drive Clutch Sleeve

About this product

The Toyota Front Drive Clutch Sleeve (#36236-35050), a vital Drive-Chassis part in the Transfer Gear system, contributes significantly to vehicle functionality. As the car is in operation, this important part ensures seamless gear shifting by allowing synchronised rotation of the drive and driven clutch plates. Without a functioning sleeve, gear shifting could become abrupt or difficult, leading to wear or potential damage to the transmission. Periodic replacement of this component is key to maintaining optimal performance. A worn-out or defective Front Drive Clutch Sleeve (#36236-35050) could lead to transmission issues, significant vehicle downtime, and costly repairs. As with all components, the use of genuine parts, such as those from Toyota Autoparts, contributes to compatibility and performance, and are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The Front Drive Clutch Sleeve (#36236-35050) is a crucial component that contributes to the overall efficiency and safety of the vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 36236-35050

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