Door Lock Control Rod Snap

About this product

The Door Lock Control Rod Snap (#69377-06010), a key component in the Front Door Lock & Handle system, plays a critical role in maintaining the vehicle's security. It functions as the link between the door handle and the latch mechanism, ensuring the prompt and proper operation of the door locks. Over time, wear and tear can reduce the efficiency of this part, leading to delayed reactions or even complete failure of the door locking system. Consequently, the Door Lock Control Rod Snap (#69377-06010) needs to be periodically replaced to avoid potential security risks. Always opting for genuine Toyota Autoparts enhances vehicle compatibility and performance. These parts are also covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Maintaining the integrity of the Front Door Lock & Handle system with a fully functional Door Lock Control Rod Snap (#69377-06010) significantly contributes to the overall safety of the vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 69377-06010

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