Socket & Wire

About this product

The Socket & Wire (#81615-20130), a vital part in the Front Clearance Lamp system of your Toyota vehicle, is responsible for providing a secure electrical connection to the lamp. As the vehicle is in operation, electricity is channeled through the wire into the socket, which then powers the clearance lamp. This part can wear over time and may need replacement to maintain optimal functionality. An old or damaged Socket & Wire (#81615-20130) could lead to intermittent or complete failure of your clearance lamp. Opting for a genuine Toyota Socket & Wire (#81615-20130) ensures compatibility with your vehicle and high-quality construction, backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This simple, yet essential auto part, contributes to your vehicle's safety by providing clear visibility during low-light conditions. It is a critical component that helps your Toyota perform as efficiently and safely as possible.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 81615-20130

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