Cover Socket

About this product

The Cover Socket (#90075-65005) is a vital electrical component in the Headlamp system of your Toyota vehicle. It serves as a protective shield for the headlamp bulb, preventing dust, debris, or moisture from affecting the bulb's performance. It operates by simply enclosing the bulb, thus ensuring its longevity and optimal function. Just as with other vehicle elements, the Cover Socket (#90075-65005) may demand replacement over time due to wear, breakage, or simply becoming old. The risk of using a damaged or worn-out Cover Socket (#90075-65005) is the exposure of the bulb to potential damage, reducing the efficiency of the headlamp system. Using genuine Toyota parts contributes significantly to vehicle compatibility. Genuine parts, including the Cover Socket (#90075-65005), come with Toyota's robust backing and parts warranty. A functional Cover Socket (#90075-65005) enhances the overall safety of the vehicle, ensuring visibility during night-time and adverse weather driving conditions.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90075-65005

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