Curtain Shield Air Bag Clip Spacer

About this product

The Curtain Shield Air Bag Clip Spacer (#62189-33010), an integral component of the Inside Trim Board & Door Opening Trim Moulding system, serves a critical role in maintaining the operation of the curtain shield air bag. This genuine Toyota Autoparts piece, backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, is tasked with securing the air bag and providing the necessary spacing for optimal air bag deployment. As it ages or becomes damaged, the clip spacer could potentially compromise the air bag's performance, posing a risk to safety. It's crucial to replace it periodically for maintaining the reliability of the air bag system, preventing the premature or unanticipated deployment of the air bag. This genuine Toyota part, thus, significantly contributes to the overall safety of the vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 62189-33010

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