Transfer Pinion Bearing Spacer

About this product

The Transfer Pinion Bearing Spacer (#41231-42010) is a critical component within the Rear Axle Housing & Differential system of a vehicle and is classified under Drive-Chassis parts. Its primary function is to maintain the correct spacing between the bearings, ensuring optimal operation and reducing undue wear. This component is crucial for maintaining the longevity of the overall differential system. Periodic replacement of this component is necessary as it can wear out or break, leading to mechanical failure or reduced efficiency of the differential system. Genuine Toyota parts are specifically designed for compatibility with your Toyota vehicle and these parts are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Most importantly, the Transfer Pinion Bearing Spacer (#41231-42010) plays a significant role in enhancing the safety and efficiency of your vehicle by ensuring the seamless operation of the differential system. It's a small part with a big impact.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 41231-42010

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