Speaker Assembly with Grille

About this product

The Speaker Assembly with Grille (#86150-02150) is a pivotal electrical component integrated into Toyota's state-of-the-art speaker system. This component plays a fundamental role in sound quality and clarity, as it enables sound waves to emanate smoothly from the speaker while the grille protects internal mechanism from foreign particles. Composed of multiple complex sub-parts, the Speaker Assembly with Grille (#86150-02150), when worn or damaged, can compromise the performance of the speaker system, leading to distorted or muffled sound. Thus, periodic replacement with genuine Toyota parts is not only essential for optimal sound quality, but it also helps ensure vehicle compatibility. Remember, only genuine Toyota parts are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The Speaker Assembly with Grille (#86150-02150) not only enhances the overall efficiency of the speaker system, but it also improves the driving experience with better sound performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 86150-02150

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    This product contains hazardous materials.