Left Hand Spoiler Rear Bumper

About this product

The Left Hand Spoiler Rear Bumper (#76896-02900), a crucial part of the Mudguard & Spoiler system, serves a key protective role for your Toyota vehicle. This auto part is designed to shield the car from mud, dirt, and other road debris, preserving the lower part of the vehicle and maintaining its aesthetic appeal. Adopting genuine Toyota parts like the Left Hand Spoiler Rear Bumper (#76896-02900) promotes vehicle compatibility, as these components are specifically crafted to fit and function seamlessly with your car. Toyota's genuine parts warranty supports such items, providing peace of mind to the owners. Periodic replacement of the Left Hand Spoiler Rear Bumper (#76896-02900) is essential as it can get clogged, damaged, or become non-functional over time due to continuous exposure to road debris and harsh environmental conditions. If this happens, it can lead to significant damage to the car's lower body and affect the vehicle's overall aesthetic appeal. In conclusion, the Left Hand Spoiler Rear Bumper (#76896-02900) contributes significantly to the overall efficiency and safety of the car by providing an extra layer of protection, thereby enhancing the vehicle’s longevity and performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 76896-02900

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