Camshaft Gear Spring

About this product

The Camshaft Gear Spring (#13579-15010), a crucial Engine-Fuel part within the Camshaft & Valve system, plays a pivotal role by maintaining tension on the camshaft gear. This tension stabilizes the rotation of the camshaft, synchronizing it with the engine’s crankshaft, and ensures optimal valve timing. This high-quality, genuine Toyota part is designed specifically for compatibility with your vehicle. Also, it comes with the reliability of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Over time, this spring can wear down or become damaged. If left unchecked, a failing Camshaft Gear Spring (#13579-15010) may lead to erratic engine behavior or cause timing issues, leading to poor fuel efficiency and potential engine damage. By maintaining a functional Camshaft Gear Spring (#13579-15010), you ensure your vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently, preserving the integrity of the engine and maintaining fuel economy.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 13579-15010

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