Compression Spring

About this product

The Compression Spring (#90501-16160) is a critical Drive-Chassis part in the Brake Master Cylinder system of your Toyota vehicle. This fundamental component plays a pivotal role by generating force to return the brake piston back to its original position after every application of the brake pedal. Naturally, over time, the spring loses its elasticity due to constant compression and decompression - a situation that may cause compromised braking efficiency. A worn-out Compression Spring (#90501-16160) could lead to slower brake retraction and increase the risk of brake drag. Hence, regular replacement with genuine Toyota parts, which are compatible with your vehicle and are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, is advised. By keeping this part in optimal condition, you significantly enhance the performance and safety of your car's braking system, providing a smoother and safer driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90501-16160

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