Fuel Filler Opening Lid Hinge Spring

About this product

The Fuel Filler Opening Lid Hinge Spring (#77366-47010), an essential component in the electrical part of the DC system of your Toyota vehicle, primarily functions to ensure smooth opening and secure closing of the fuel filler lid. This hinge spring is a vital link between the lid and the fuel tank, and any malfunction could result in fuel leakage or contamination, and even compromise vehicle safety. Genuine parts, like this hinge spring, significantly enhance vehicle compatibility, and are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Regular replacement of this spring is critical as its efficiency could decrease over time, potentially leading to fuel spillage, exposure to harmful fumes, and in worst cases, fire hazards. In conclusion, the Fuel Filler Opening Lid Hinge Spring (#77366-47010) plays a critical role in the overall safety and operational efficiency of the vehicle, ensuring that the fuel filling process is secure and leak-free.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 77366-47010

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