Hollow Spring

About this product

The Hollow Spring (#48313-60050), a vital Drive-Chassis part in the Rear Spring & Shock Absorber system, plays a fundamental role in maintaining your vehicle's stability and handling. As your vehicle moves, the Hollow Spring (#48313-60050) compresses and expands to absorb road shocks, thereby providing a smooth ride. Over time, the Hollow Spring (#48313-60050) may suffer from wear and tear, which can lead to poor vehicle handling and potentially cause safety issues. It's therefore essential to replace it periodically with genuine Toyota parts, which are not only compatible with your vehicle but also backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. A fully operational Hollow Spring (#48313-60050) contributes significantly to the overall efficiency of the Drive-Chassis system, ensuring optimal vehicle performance and enhancing your safety on the road. Regular maintenance and replacement with genuine parts can extend your vehicle's life and provide a smoother, safer ride.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 48313-60050

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