1st & Revs Brake Return Spring Sub-Assembly

About this product

The 1st & Revs Brake Return Spring Sub-Assembly (#35068-0R010) is a vital Drive-Chassis part of the Brake No.3, 1st & Reverse Brake (Atm) system in Toyota vehicles. This component plays a crucial role in facilitating the smooth transition of gears during the operation of the vehicle. It ensures that the braking system promptly returns to its original position after each use, thereby preventing potential damages caused by the brake being left engaged unknowingly. Over time, this part may wear out or get clogged, causing reduced responsiveness in the braking system, which could lead to potential safety risks. Moreover, a non-functional spring could lead to the brake staying engaged, causing unnecessary wear and tear on the brake system. Using a genuine Toyota part not only provides perfect compatibility with your vehicle but also comes backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Remember, periodic replacement of this part is essential to maintain the braking system's overall efficiency and safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 35068-0R010

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