Torsion Spring

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The Torsion Spring (#90508-26054), a key component of the Accelerator Link system in Toyota vehicles, plays an essential role in the smooth operation of the accelerator pedal. This spring absorbs and releases mechanical energy, helping to keep the accelerator pedal in a neutral position when not being pressed. Genuine Toyota Torsion Spring (#90508-26054)s provide compatibility with your vehicle, offering a harmonious interaction between closely related parts like the accelerator pedal and linkages. As with all mechanical components, Torsion Spring (#90508-26054)s can wear with age and use. A worn or broken spring might result in an unresponsive or sticky accelerator pedal, potentially causing safety issues. Periodic replacement of the Torsion Spring (#90508-26054) is vital for maintaining optimal system function and driver control. Genuine parts such as this are backed by Toyota's authentic parts warranty, providing peace of mind with every drive.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 90508-24004
Part Number 90508-26054

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