Cigarette Lighter Bezel Stay

About this product

The Cigarette Lighter Bezel Stay (#85515-14010) is a critical part of Toyota's Switch & Relay & Computer system. This electrical component secures the cigarette lighter assembly within the vehicle's dashboard, maintaining its position and stability during use. It operates seamlessly, ensuring the lighter is always accessible and functional while preventing any interior rattling or loose connections. Like any other auto part, the Cigarette Lighter Bezel Stay (#85515-14010) can age and wear out over time causing the cigarette lighter assembly to become unstable. If this part becomes old or broken, it may lead to an unstable or non-functional cigarette lighter. Genuine Toyota parts, like the Cigarette Lighter Bezel Stay (#85515-14010), are essential for maintaining vehicle compatibility and come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This part is vital to the overall efficiency of the system in which it operates, allowing for a smooth, reliable usage of the cigarette lighter.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 85515-17010;85515-12060
Part Number 85515-14010

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