Seat Leg Stay Sub-Assembly #2

About this product

The Seat Leg Stay Sub-Assembly #2 (#79094-60060) is a vital part of the Seat & Seat Track system in Toyota vehicles. This component plays a crucial role in ensuring the stability of the seat in the car, providing support to the seat leg and maintaining its desired position. The sub-assembly is composed of multiple pieces, all working together to provide a secure seating experience for passengers and drivers alike. Like all parts, the Seat Leg Stay Sub-Assembly #2 (#79094-60060) may need replacing over time to keep your seat and seat track system in optimal condition. An old or broken Seat Leg Stay Sub-Assembly #2 (#79094-60060) could pose safety hazards by impairing the stability of the seat. Genuine Toyota parts are recommended for compatibility and come backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In conclusion, a fully functional Seat Leg Stay Sub-Assembly #2 (#79094-60060) is crucial for the safety and efficiency of your Toyota vehicle's Seat & Seat Track system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 79094-60060

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