Surge Tank Stay #1

About this product

The Surge Tank Stay #1 (#17125-20020), classified under Engine-Fuel parts in the Manifold system, has a crucial role in maintaining the stability of the surge tank in your vehicle. It helps to securely fasten the surge tank, which, in turn, assists in the proper management of air-fuel mixture for combustion. If the Surge Tank Stay #1 (#17125-20020) becomes old or non-operational, it could compromise the positioning of the surge tank, disrupting the ideal air-fuel mix and potentially leading to inefficient combustion. This may negatively impact fuel efficiency and engine performance. Integrating genuine Toyota Autoparts like the Surge Tank Stay #1 (#17125-20020) not only provides vehicle compatibility and optimal performance but also comes with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Therefore, it's advisable to replace this component periodically as part of regular maintenance. In essence, the Surge Tank Stay #1 (#17125-20020) contributes significantly to engine efficiency and safety, allowing your Toyota to deliver consistent, high-quality performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 17125-20020

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