Linear Wiper Step Right Hand

About this product

The Linear Wiper Step Right Hand (#85293-35040) is a critical Electrical part of the Rear Wiper system in Toyota vehicles. Its primary function is to control the precise movement of the rear wiper, providing clean and clear visibility for safe driving. This part operates by receiving electrical signals, which it translates into mechanical motion to drive the wiper across the rear windshield. Like all vehicle parts, the Linear Wiper Step Right Hand (#85293-35040) is subject to wear and tear and should be replaced periodically. An aged, broken, or non-functional part can cause erratic wiper movement or outright failure, potentially compromising rear visibility during inclement weather. Opting for genuine parts from Toyota not only fosters vehicle compatibility but also offers the reassurance of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In summary, a properly functioning Linear Wiper Step Right Hand (#85293-35040) is vital for efficient wiper operation and safe driving under all weather conditions.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 85293-35040

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