Jack Cover Stopper

About this product

The Jack Cover Stopper (#64768-04030), a vital component in Toyota's Rear Body Side Panel system, acts as a protective shield for the jack. It prevents dirt, water, and other debris from damaging the car jack, ensuring its optimum performance and extending its lifespan. This component is specially designed for seamless compatibility with Toyota vehicles, and as a genuine part, it comes with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Aging Jack Cover Stopper (#64768-04030)s should be replaced periodically, as they can become brittle and ineffective over time due to constant exposure to the elements. A worn-out or broken stopper can allow debris to infiltrate the jack system, potentially causing malfunctions and safety issues. By protecting the jack from damage, the Jack Cover Stopper (#64768-04030) contributes to the overall safety and efficiency of the car, ensuring that when you need it most, your car jack is ready and functional.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 64768-04030

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