Spare Wheel Stopper #1

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The Spare Wheel Stopper #1 (#51933-60141), a crucial Body part within the Spare Wheel Carrier system, primarily acts to secure the spare wheel in place while the vehicle is in motion. When operational, this part prevents any unwanted movement of the spare wheel, thereby ensuring a stable and safe driving experience. Genuine Spare Wheel Stopper #1 (#51933-60141)s, designed specifically for Toyota vehicles, maximize compatibility and come backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. However, over time, this part can deteriorate or become damaged and may require replacement. An old or malfunctioning Spare Wheel Stopper #1 (#51933-60141) could cause the spare wheel to become unsecured, potentially leading to vehicular damage or safety risks. Therefore, periodic replacement is recommended to maintain system integrity. In conclusion, the Spare Wheel Stopper #1 (#51933-60141) plays an essential role in the overall efficiency and safety of the Spare Wheel Carrier system in a Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 51001-6B120;51001-6B210;51001-6B240;51001-6B140;51001-6B100;51003-6A300;51002-6A740;51002-6A750;51002-6A760;51002-6A770;51002-6A780;51002-6A800;51002-6A810;51002-6A820;51003-6A320;51003-6A370;51003-6A380;51003-6A400;51003-6A150;51003-6A110;51003-6A050;51003-6A030;51003-6A010;51003-6A090;51003-6A080;51003-6A060;51002-6A840;51002-6A890;51002-6A880;51002-6A870;51002-6A860;51002-6A850;51002-6A500;51002-6A530;51002-6A540;51002-6A550;51002-6A560;51002-6A570;51002-6A580;51002-6A590;51002-6A600;51002-6A610;51002-6A620;51002-6A630;51002-6A640;51002-6A650;51002-6A700;51002-6A490;51002-6A520;51003-6A410;51003-6A420;51003-6A450;51003-6A270;51003-6A230;51003-6A240;51003-6A260;51003-6A290;51003-6A210;51002-6A670;51002-6A680;51002-6A660;51002-6A460;51002-6A470;51001-6B270;51002-6A410;51002-6A430;51002-6A440;51002-6A450;51003-6A870 More
Part Number 51933-60141

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