Spare Wheel Stopper Sub-Assembly #2

About this product

The Spare Wheel Stopper Sub-Assembly #2 (#51904-60061), a crucial element in Toyota's Spare Wheel Carrier system, holds a pivotal responsibility. Its primary role is to securely hold the spare wheel in place, preventing it from moving or bouncing when the vehicle is in motion. It works harmoniously with other components in the system like the mount and carrier to provide stability and safety. If the Spare Wheel Stopper Sub-Assembly #2 (#51904-60061) becomes worn or damaged, the spare wheel might not be securely held in place, posing a hazard while driving. Hence, periodic replacement is a must. Genuine parts from Toyota are recommended for compatibility and are covered under Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This essential part not only improves the efficiency of the Spare Wheel Carrier system but also significantly enhances the safety of the vehicle, making sure the spare wheel remains firmly in place even in rough driving conditions.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 51904-60061

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